Ohio Military Reserve - We stand ready
The Ohio Military Reserve (OHMR) is a uniformed service that serves under the command of the Ohio Adjutant General's office, along with the Ohio National Guard and the Ohio Navy. OHMR personnel train once a month as volunteers but are paid when placed on State Active Duty. Positions are available. Find out how you can join and stand ready for Ohio!

COL Platoni Hall of Fame induction
Nov 7, 2019 - COL Kathy Platoni, elected to the Ohio Veterans Hall of Fame. This amazing officer has been a tremendous resource and inspiration to many.
WKBN Lisbon Reserve Drill
Oct 27, 2019 - Ohio Military Reserve participated in US NORTHCOMM's "Operation Vigilant Guard 19-4 (OH)" in early August 2019. Used with permission from WKBN
OHMR Training highlights
Jan 26, 2019 - The Ohio Military Reserve, (OHMR) operating under the command of The Adjutant General of Ohio, trains for emergency and disaster response. This video shows OHMR training for some of its key missions.
Ohio Military Reserve - The New Mission
Mar 22, 2012 - The Ohio Military Reserve is the official defense force for the state of Ohio and serves under the Joint Force Command of the Adjutant General, with the Governor as Commander-In-Chief. The OHMR has openings for men and women, prior service and non-prior service, with any or no special skills, and professionals in various skilled fields