• Chain Of Command


Govenor Mike DeWine
As the state's highest elected official, the Governor is at the top of the food chain and serves as the Commander-In-Chief of state military resources. Should the need arise, the Governor would issue a proclomation instructing The Adjutant General to activate the state's military assets, including the Ohio Military Reserve.


Major General John C. Harris Jr.
Appointed by the Governor, The Adjutant General (TAG) is the highest ranking military officer in the state. All state military assets fall under the authority of TAG. These include:

  • Ohio Army National Guard (OHARNG)
  • Ohio Air National Guard (OHANG)
  • State Defence Forces of Ohio (OHSDF)
  • Ohio Military Reserve (OHMR)
  • Ohio Naval Militia (ONM)
  • Ohio Cyber Reserve (OhCR)

Collectively, these entities are known as the Joint Forces. The Ohio Army National Guard maintains armories throughout the state. These facilities serve as home stations to units for the maintenance of equipment and the monthly training of personnel. The OHMR shares these facilities with the Ohio National Guard and uses them as their home stations as well.

Elements of the National Guard have a dual mandate, both federal and state. This means they receive both federal and state funding, execute missions for the United States and the State of Ohio, and report to the President and the Governor. Their duties include combat, anti-terror, homeland security, international peacekeeping, and disaster response. They can be called to action and ordered to go anywhere in the state or around the globe for months at a time.

Unlike their National Guard counterparts, the Ohio Military Reserve and the Ohio Naval Militia exclusively serve the State of Ohio and operate in the Ohio region. OHMR personnel cannot be federalized or ordered by the President to serve in distance locations. OHMR personnel are technically employees of the state.


BG Larry Pinkerton
The State of Ohio Defense Forces consists of three subordinate units. It is commanded by a Brigadier General (O-7) who reports directly to Adjutant General.

The SDF Commander maintains his/her own command staff including a Chief-of-Staff and a Command Sergeant Major.


COL Deano McNeil
The Ohio Military Reserve operates as a brigade-level entity. As such, it is commanded by a Colonel (O-6) who reports directly to the Commander of the State of Ohio Defense Forces.

The Brigade Commander maintains his/her own command staff, including Chief-of-Staff, Command Sergent Major and various personal staff.